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IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE FOR MANY WOMEN LAWYERS OF INIDIA. Women Lawyers from 15 states in India decided to establish an organisation of Indian Women Lawyers, for Indian Women Lawyers. They decided to send 4 representatives from each State to form the Executive Body of the Organistion. All these representatives met at NEW DELHI on 13th MARCH 2007. They choose to call themselves as the "ALL INDIA FEDERATION OF WOMEN LAWYERS". They elected a committee and the bye-laws of AIFWL were drafted and finalised. ALL INDIA FEDERATION OF WOMEN LAWYERS (AIFWL) came into being and got registered formally as an association under the Society's Registration Act.

After the formal establishment of AIFWL, the Executive Committee met at Hyderabad, courtesy, the hospitality of the Andhra Pradesh Women Lawyers. It was here that a decision to Organise the first-of-its-kind ASIA WOMEN LAWYERS CONFERENCE was taken. At the behest and willingness of the Bangalore Women Lawyers, it was also decided to organise the Asia Women Lawyers' Conference at Bangalore. Accordingly Bangalore hosted the very successful 2-day conference from 22nd to 23rd September 2007 which attracted more than 500 women lawyers from all over ASIA. The highlight in attendance was the presence of Foreign Women Lawyers from Africas, Americas and Europe. Legal luminaries, prominent leaders, scholars, top Judiciary and Jurists addressed the Conference, thus benefitting all those who attended the conference.

After garnering support from all over India it was time for the Federation to begin its Service activity. AIFWL jointly with the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) took up the cause of the Girl child. In order to create awareness about the value of the girl child and the need to protect her needs and rights, we organised a Seminar on the Girl Child at Chennai On 16th March 2008. The program was well attended, well received and duly covered in the press and media.

Responding to the plight of Women Workers in the night shifts, especially in Call Centers, BPO and ITES, in the light of atrocities committed on them as highlighted by the press, AIFWL organised a seminar on "NIGHT SHIFT WOMEN WORKERS" in co-ordination with National Women Commission at Bangalore on 16th September 2008. While there was vociferous participation from Women Activists, the Seminar brought insight into the plights of many women who are being harassed and exploited, just for being a women. Many an action-points were shared by the Speakers and Delegates with the Law-makers and upholders of Law.

In the meantime all the Office-bearers of AIFWL have been endeavoring to get the Women Lawyers together formally in all the States and Union Territories of India. AIFWL, as representatives of the Indian Women Lawyers, was very well represented at the International Women Lawyers' Conference held in Milano, Italy during November 2008. While the participation of 20 Indian women Lawyers caught the eyes of the global women lawyers' fraternity, it was befitting to have the First Indian Women Lawyer on the board of FIDA (International Federation of Women Lawyers). The founder-president of AIFWL Mrs. Sheela Anish was chosen to be the Executive Vice President of FIDA, a honour to the fraternity of Indian Women Lawyers.

It is AIFWL's endeavour to be a true representative of the aspirations and challenges faced by the Indian Women Lawyers. As an affiliate of FIDA, the Federation would like to further and promote Indian Women Lawyers on a global scale. The motto being: Think global, Act local.

In the coming months, the Federation would be addressing need-based issues pertaining to Women in general and Indian Women Lawyers in particular.
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